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11 April 2014 @ 12:00 am
You all thought I gave up on this, didn't you? That I'd left LJ forever. Well...that's mostly true. But I promised I'd write these drabbles and by God, I'm going to finish them, even if it takes the rest of my life (it's already been 7 years). Actually, these are a good cleansing exercise for writing, so I turn to them when I'm blocked on my other projects.

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I started liveblogging the Legend of Korra episodes when I did my rewatch with my brother, so I figured I may as well post them somewhere.

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26 February 2012 @ 11:00 pm
Final list. 11/20.
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24 January 2012 @ 01:40 pm
The Oscar nominations list came out today and you know what that means! Yes, it's time for me to revive my blog that I only ever use for award shows and the odd tracking post.

I've yet to see some of this films and hopefully I can change that in the next month, so I still hold the opportunity to change these at any time, once I have more information.

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25 December 2011 @ 12:21 pm
Every year I make an LJ post listing what I got for Christmas so I can keep track of thank yous and even though I don't use LJ much, I figured I should keep up the tradition.

Christmas #1
Dad & Tanya - 1TB harddrive (I named it Horatio); nail polish (Big Apple Red, Red Shatter, Top Coat); nail art pen
Austin - brainteaser puzzle
Victoria - mood ring
Aubrey - adorable penguin mug & M&Ms
Grandpa Novo - Walmart giftcard

Christmas #2
Mom - sweater; Midnight in Paris; X-Men: First Class; My Best Friend's Wedding; Naomi & Ely's No Kiss List; Dash & Lily's Book of Dares
Kayla - floral headband
Renee - travel mug; butterfly nail stickers
Joe - socks
Nick - butterfly stationary
Santa - apple cider; clementine; misc candy

Christmas #3
Aunt Melody - chocolate bar (w/special Swanson wrapper); $10 iTunes giftcard
Sally & Bob - fingerless gloves, sweater, leggings; The Lion King dvd; The Hobbit; nail art stamp kit

Chris - moustacheville shirt! Gummi worms!
Trish - scarf & fingerless gloves
Shirley - $20 Ulta giftcard
Work - $25 Target giftcard
28 October 2011 @ 11:36 pm
What do you want done with your body after you die?

This is weird because I was seriously talking about this with Casye last night. I would like to be cremated. I'm not 100% sure what I want done with the ashes, except I don't want to be kept in someone's closet because that's creepy and also boring. I think I'd like my ashes split up in little urns and given to my loved ones to do something cool. Like, someone could take me to Chicago and spread the ashes in the River or the Lake. And someone else could bring them to New York or spread them in St. Louis. I think that's fitting for me. I don't feel like my heart is in one place, so why should my body be? I want to be everywhere. Spread me to the wind!

Also, after the memorial service or whatevs, I want my friends to have a party and celebrate me or something. Just not be super sad, because that's depressing.

P.S., Casye, I'm totally relying on you to put something on my tumblr or facebook and get the word out. I realize it might be hard getting word to you, though, so we'll find a way around that. We've already talked about this, though. (Oh, but I just realized, Karina is friends with my sister. And Chris would do something, I'm sure.)
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24 August 2011 @ 11:36 pm
So, I just found this in my files and when Casye asked for a link, I realized it never made it onto my LJ. Here is the dream cast that Casye & I came up with for the Keys to the Kingdom series.

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22 March 2011 @ 08:45 pm
1) It is totally possible for someone who is good at English to also be good at maths. These people exist. I am one of them. Please stop trying to ostracize me for this, it's a really stupid reason to ostracize someone.

2a) The other night I had to write a paper which somehow summarized about 1500 years of the colonialism of the "New World" and the affects this still has on Native American life today and the whole time I was very bothered by everything. Part of this is due to the fact that my group mate who did the research gave me facts like "the pilgrims ate clams" but mostly because I'm just so angry and disappointed with these people that lived over 1500 years ago, in fact, 1500 years before I was born. I just cannot get it into my head why someone would intentionally mistreat, exploit, abuse, and/or kill someone they just met who were kind to the first party. I know that this is what colonialism is and that it has been happening since before written records, but I still can honestly not understand why anyone would do this.
Now, you might be saying that this is a good thing and that everyone should be like me yada yada, but no. I am not trying to be arrogant, but I agree that it is good that I am not the kind of person who would harm or exploit someone, or, y'know, force them into slavery, steal their land, and give them diseases in exchange for farming tips. But the issue here is that because I cannot understand the motives behind what drives someone to this, I cannot be part of the solution, because I do not fully understand the problem I am looking to solve. I am a writer, this means two things (in my case at least): 1) I am able to imagine lives that are not my own and live in them for a short period of time and 2) I write for a reason, which is most often to bring about change. So, I can write an entire novel about a secret spaceship and that novel will be written with the intention to teach readers about war, disease, human nature, how the government is sometimes wrong, how history is subjective, and how you shouldn't mess with homeostasis. I can do all that and, arguably, I have; but I still cannot place myself into the shoes of someone who hates another person for no reason (or superficial reasons, which are pretty much the same thing). I can say "Okay, I am now an asshole and I hate you because you are different," but that doesn't mean I understand why. I cannot see the motives behind this. And that is why I cannot offer a solution and that frustrates me just as much as the acts performed by the hateful people, if not more.

2b) This is in the same vein and somewhat of an addendum, but today I was asked by my school to complete a survey which they would use the results of to evaluate syllabi for future cross-culture courses. I didn't actually know that was the reason at the time, which might have added to my distress, but here we go. In the survey I was asked questions like "are you uncomfortable sitting next to someone of a different _____?" and the blank would be filled by words like "gender" "race" "religion" and "ethnicity." Then the question would be changed to: are you comfortable conversing with someone of a different ________? or could you work under someone of a different _______? And each time the questions were asked, I would answer along the lines of "hell yeah, I would, I really don't care what race/gender/religion/ethnicity/sex/beliefs someone is, so long as they are kind and can do their job and are human. And every time I was asked a question, I would think, this is so stupid, we shouldn't even have to be asking these questions, it should just be a given that we treat everyone the same because it is a human right and we should judge people on their character after we have met them instead of judging them by a small part of themselves that we don't fully understand. And the whole thing reminded me how it is (supposedly) necessary to administer these surveys because we need to see "how far we've come" and "how far we need to go," because not everyone believes as I do. And then I'm right back to not understanding other people and feeling trapped inside myself, unable to help.
2c) I am also not very happy that the survey seemed to assume that my social circle would consist only of Reformed Christian, white, straight, middle-class females. I myself can only claim to being white and a female of those options.

3) Hank Green has the most amazing camera and I find myself often missing intelligent and thought-provoking things he's saying in his videos because I am entranced by his camerawork.

4) People should not name their children after food. I have to keep saying this, but seriously, it only promotes cannibalism.

5) My family (or most of it) is currently in South Carolina without me, leaving me to a life of school, work, other work, taking care of the dog, and essentially living alone while they hang out on a beach in 75º weather. Really, I am entirely okay with living by myself and the only changes I've been able to notice are that it is actually quiet and I can get work done, that I lock the door earlier than I might normally (whenever I go to bed), and that I cannot cook for just one person. I most often cook for 4-5, but I can easily cook for 2, but not 1. I think tonight I managed to cook for 1.5.
26 February 2011 @ 07:47 pm
It occurs to me that I have yet to formally post my picks for the 2011 Oscars, despite my opinions being scattered all over the internet.

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20 February 2011 @ 07:38 pm
New icon! New layout! The icon is from today's Sinfest. After I made that, I realized I finally had the free time to make the Sinfest layout I've wanted. So I pulled up all the Crim/Fyoosh strips I have saved to my computer (um...pretty much all of them) and figured out what I wanted to make. The image above (or at whiskpirate if you're on your flist) was the outcome. This is the most boring layout in terms of colors, but I like it. :)

New chair!
Last week I went to Ikea with Jess and there I found a great desk chair, on sale for $40. I got my desk months ago and my mom hadn't gotten me a chair, so I've been using the piano bench until we could find a suitable one. The bench was okay, but it was too high for me and it had no back, plus it wasn't all that comfortable. I finally talked my mom into letting me get this chair by offering to pay half. Also, I had to show her pictures, because if it's going to be in her living room close to the front door, it has to look nice. After a week of waiting (mostly for time), I was able to go back to Ikea today and buy it! I love it! Finally I can lean back and be comfortable and not have my back hurting me!
Also, being in Ikea, I found many things I want to purchase in the future. Later this Summer I get to go on a shopping spree at Ikea, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. for items for my apartment in the Fall (if I get accepted, of course). I'm so excited. Today I found a great, affordable china set and a lamp which is similar to the one I am in love with, but for $13 less. I'm going to have to think about that one, because I love the Target one so much.

Anyway, yeah, new layout announcement post.